Daddy’s Taboo Tales Volume 1

“I want you to touch me, Daddy. Please? Will you touch me…?”

Daddy's Taboo Tales 1 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)Description

This erotic bundle features three horny Daddy’s girls desperate to seduce their handsome fathers. Susan loves climbing into Daddy’s bed at night, April can’t stop masturbating to thoughts of her Daddy possessing her, and Marie must confess her forbidden fantasies to her unsuspecting father. With these naughty school girls looking for their first time what kinky incestuous sex lies ahead of them?

Available at Lot’s Cave.

Daddy's Princess, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Lily WeidnerStory One: Daddy’s Princess

Susan loves climbing into Daddy’s bed in the middle of the night. Always been thought of as Daddy’s princess, Susan has a shocking secret—she’s turned on by the idea of father daughter sex! When confronted about her seductive and unusual behavior, Daddy can’t say no to his little princess. Will Susan open the door to what has always been Daddy’s secret fantasy and spark their incestuous romance?

Daddy's Naughty Girl - Thumbnail (96 DPI)Story Two: Daddy’s Naughty Girl

April knows she shouldn’t masturbate, but lately she can’t get Daddy out of her mind! When Daddy catches his little girl in the nude, April couldn’t be happier. Seizing the opportunity to seduce her father, April soon gets Daddy to put aside his reservations about taboo sex. Caught in daughter’s forbidden need for father daughter relationship will Daddy be able to satisfy his naughty little girl?

Daddy's Erotica - Thumbnail (96 DPI)Story Three: Daddy’s Erotica

Having written her incestuous fantasies for all to read, Daddy’s little girl never expected Daddy to find out. Suddenly forced to tell her father the truth, Marie knows there’s only one thing left now—seduce her handsome Daddy! After playing out her taboo father daughter desires for years, will this Daddy’s girl finally see her plan fulfilled and get the forbidden sex she craves most?


About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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