Author Interview: Daddy’s Seduction

3d-cover-stack-whiteAuthor Interview

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?

This book is filled with sex. Quite honestly, I think readers will appreciate the raunchy explorations of the characters. Usually books are either plot heavy or sex heavy, and I’ve attempted to take a different route than what I normally do. While there are still innocent female characters, I’ve added a mixture of hidden desires I’m sure readers will notice the difference!

2. What other books would you compare to your own story?

Again, it’s really difficult to compare my stories to those of another. Looking at my own catalog though, I can see similarities to that of, Daddy’s Advantage. There are brother sister themes to compliment the father daughter dynamic. A comparable difference though, is that this book explores the intimacy between two women as well, the mother and the daughter. While these two novels are somewhat comparable, readers looking for a stand-alone novel will be quite happy.

3. What inspired the title of your latest book?

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a title for this particular book. Some titles are easier than other, but this one was tough. In the end, I decided to play up the seduction aspect of the story. Both the father and the daughter want each others affection. It’s just a matter of them finding that out. Initially I was tempted to pay more attention to the voyeurism, but I’m not sure how many readers enjoy the idea of being watched. What I hope is that readers will enjoy each and every kink involved, and thus, the seduction.

4. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?

This story focuses heavily on the shame dynamic within today’s society. Many people feel that women are ashamed for their sexualized nature. What I wanted to pay attention to was that shame happens between both men and women. Only when the two play off their guilt and work through the issues can their pleasure intensify. Outside of that, there are moments of long term relationships contrasted to sexual explorations that might be temporary. All of these discussions though take place frame worked around sex quite nicely.

5. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?

The dynamics in this story were quite fun to write actually. What I really struggled with was working in so many different kinky explorations. Somehow my characters decided to ruin my outline fairly early. With a little extra attention to detail, this wasn’t as big a problem as I expected. So, for once in a very long time, I had a book that was quite fun to write with little creative struggles. That’s not to say time management wasn’t a problem though. There were times I swore this book wasn’t going to get published on time. Thankfully, I worked some late nights and everything fell right into place.

6. How do you feel the cover highlights your story?

Ah the cover, I love this particular cover. The shades of pink for the text are great, very feminine. What surprised me was the photo chosen. There’s a little playfulness in the cover for those who read the book. At the start of the book, the daughter is watching the father shower. On the cover, it is the reader who gets to see the daughter bathing. I’m not sure if this playful contrast was done purposely, but I enjoyed the little nod to the book’s content. There’s something neutral and sexy about this cover.

7. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.

An interesting fact about this book is that I had a weird inspiration for the story. The book has a bit of brother sister sex in it. This takes place later than expected, but is done purposefully. My inspiration was actually a television show that I found too weird not to put my own spin on. Nothing though, is related to that said show. Nothing. I found this curious, but it’s mainly due to the heavy father daughter themes. I’m grateful this didn’t end up becoming a piece of fan fiction, as it’s too good not to share. To me though, it’s interesting to note the contrast. I initially started out with fan fiction, and here I am, writing my own original stories now.

8. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?

Without giving too much away, there’s a scene where the mother humiliates her daughter. There’s an understanding between them that just makes the whole scene so intimate. While I love intimate scenes, I also love raunchy and depraved sex scenes as well. I think this moment between mother and daughter captures that well. By far one of my favorite scenes ever. Did I mention the whole scene takes place in public?

9. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?

The more I write father daughter themed stories, the more I struggle. There are many readers who enjoy the subject matter, but very few sites willing to publish and promote such content. What appeals to me most is how diverse incestuous sex is in its readership. Men and women both enjoy the subject, and many different types of raunchy sex to go with it! I could probably write something else, but why? This is what I love writing, even if it has a few difficulties. That’s just what makes reader feedback so important!

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About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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