Incest Playtime

“Do you like the rest of me too, Daddy? Tell me you do, please Daddy… pretend… pretend you’re my lover?”

Taboo Kisses 01 - Incest Playtime - Thumbnail (96 DPI)Description

Kara only ever wanted to know how to pleasure herself by masturbating. When Daddy discovers what his little girl has been doing though, he quickly becomes the naughty man his daughter needs. Teasing his daughter with various kinky toys, every secret desire is soon revealed. Now intent on giving his daughter her first orgasm, will Daddy be able to give his daughter something even more special?


Kara watched as her father left the living room, the gesture making her heart race. Would Daddy do what I think he wants to? she wondered. The way her father had mentioned adult toys caused Kara to become aware of how wet she was. The longer her father disappeared, the more she couldn’t help but contemplate why. When her father finally returned, he set a large cardboard box down on the small coffee table in front of them. Blushing bright red, Kara asked the one thing she couldn’t help. “Daddy, even if you gave me… gave me mom’s toys… I wouldn’t know how to use them. Do um, do they have instruction manuals or something?”

Laughing despite himself, Arthur shook his head. “No Kara, they do not have instruction manuals. But I’m going to be very honest with you. What if I taught you how to use them instead?”

“You mean like, getting off in front of you?” Kara felt the words on her tongue before she even comprehended saying them. How can Daddy be saying this to me? Did he just offer to masturbate me? No, he offered to teach me what to do… that’s different. Lost in thought, Kara hardly heard her father’s response.

“Yes baby, you would um… you would orgasm in front of me. Over and over again for that matter.” Arthur tried not to let his personal fantasies creep into voice, but he knew they had. Something had made him keep his ex-wife’s toys a while back, and now he knew what that something had been. Arthur wished he could manage to hate himself, but the desires within him were winning out.

Kara looked at the box in front of her wondering what could possibly be in there. Over the recent months, Kara had become bolder in her efforts to discover a way to meet her needs. Never once had she ever considered even looking at sex toys before. Still blushing, Kara shifted while glancing at her father. “I don’t think I’d mind that, Daddy.” Biting her lip, Kara forced herself to relax back against the couch. Even relaxed, she refused to say the other things she wanted to confess. How though, could she tell her father that his attentions alone might make her orgasm?

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About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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