Mother’s Passion

“I want to be used by our son! I want to feel him use me however he wants…!”


Brought up as a sexual submissive, Colette’s incestuous lifestyle soon catches her son’s curiosity. With his hot mother begging him for release, Joshua isn’t about to let his pent up needs go unsatisfied. Discovering his paranormal mother’s passions are far kinkier than he realized, will Joshua become the dominant son his mother’s always craved?


Climbing in the backseat with his mother, Joshua felt the eyes of Ryan and Richard holding steadily onto the road in front of them. With his mother’s soft moans over every bump in the road, Joshua felt his desires starting to build out of control. I want to touch her. Want to take advantage of her in the car. Should I treat my mother like that? Would she like it?

While her son contemplated touching her, Colette sat off one side of the car staring out the window. Every movement of the car caused the grip on her skirt to become tighter, all in the hopes of making it to the house. Ryan will probably use me when we get home. The things he said hinted so strongly at it. If he doesn’t I bet Richard will! Forced to endure a heavier bump than usual, Colette found her body pushed closer toward that of her son. “I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t anticipate that.”

“It’s alright, here let me hold onto you.” Joshua knew the statement wouldn’t fool anyone in the car, but he didn’t care. Everyone had been teasing him to no end, and he was finally tired of it. Letting his hand wrap around his mother’s waist, Joshua began pulling up the short skirt of his mother’s dress.

Feeling her skirt riding up her legs, Colette let out a soft moan. “Joshua, please don’t… not like this. I don’t think I could—” Colette’s words trailed off, as her son’s hand pressed directly against her bare sex.

“Mmm, you’re so wet. I can only imagine why. Do you really not want me to do this?” Before his mother could respond, Joshua let his fingers dip into the wetness of her sex. The way his nimble fingers worked against Colette’s made him suspect whatever answer she wanted to give would be outweighed by her body’s need to get off.

“Please… please don’t stop.” Colette heard her breathy reply, almost unaware of her capability to still make such sounds. Looking up, she could spot her husband and father both eyeing the backseat with a voyeuristic curiosity. Moaning outright, Colette felt her sex almost throbbing from the idea of being used by her own son twice in one day.

image-1-zipper-horizontalAvailable at Lot’s Cave.

About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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