Daddy’s Bride

“Wait. This is my daughter. My daughter. God, if this was anyone else…!”


Juliet has always been Daddy’s girl, but Daddy’s in for a rude awakening. When Juliet starts showing signs of sexual arousal, Gregory finds echoes of the bride he once married. With his daughter’s insistent pleas for sexual release, and an encouraging adventurous wife, will Gregory give in? What incestuous desires will this father and daughter unlock in the latest tale of passionate romance?


Nodding her approval of the situation, Juliet began sliding her father’s hand further down her stomach. “I can feel that aching in my stomach already.” The warmth of her father’s touch seemed to radiate into her entire body, causing a familiar wetness to pool between her legs.

Watching as his daughter slid his hand further down, Gregory realized she had no intention of stopping short of her panties. Feeling the tender cotton fabric underneath his fingers Gregory forced a groan to stay trapped in his throat. When his daughter began pushing his fingers beyond the thin waistband of her panties, Gregory could no longer contain the groan of ecstasy that hit him.

The sound of her father’s moan cause the aching between her legs to grow more pronounced, the desire to be touched growing more intense. “Mmm, wow Daddy! I haven’t felt it this strong before! Make that noise again.”

Pulling his daughter onto his lap, Gregory felt his desires take hold of his daughter’s body. With her firmly seated in his lap, Gregory began rubbing his hand against his daughter’s delicate folds. To his dismay, he found her just as wet as she had told him she’d be. “You feel so wet, honey. I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Catching the tone of dismay in her father’s voice, Juliet found herself burying her face into her father’s neck. “Why… why are you so surprised Daddy?” Nuzzling against her father’s neck, Juliet found her father’s fingers soon separating the tiny flesh between her legs. Gasping in pleasure, Juliet pressed her eager body back against her father’s touch. “Th-that feels so good, Daddy!”

image-1-zipper-horizontalAvailable at Lot’s Cave.

About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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