Author Interview: Daddy’s Mask

3d-cover-stack-whiteAuthor Interview

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?

Daddy’s Mask has a different feel to it than my other writings. The book focuses on the different dynamics between a daughter and her father. Combining a Barely Legal feel with that of Father Daughter Incest, this story is definitely an attention getter. Even with the outright erotic sex scenes, there’s still a deep intimacy between the two characters.

2. What other books would you compare to your own story?

While it might sound odd, I took inspiration from various sources using masked characters. There’s something fun about stories with a little bit of mystery. Phantom of the Opera comes to the forefront of my mind, while the characters’ costumes are inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death. These two stories contributed more to the story’s setting, but I enjoyed adding personal elements regardless.

3. What inspired the title of your latest book?

Very rarely do I change the title of my book before release. In this case, the story needed something just a little different. Originally, this book was going to be titled Daddy’s Masquerade. Upon further consideration, the title sounded too much like a romance story. Shortening the title to Daddy’s Mask really highlights the story’s setting and plot, all at the same time. This father puts on an emotional mask, allowing him to explore his daughter’s sexuality in a new way.

4. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?

Interestingly, this book explores the concept of sexuality through a young woman’s point of view. Despite the incest, these characters find themselves exploring the various dynamics of an older man and younger woman relationship. While these relationships are common today, many find such partnerships challenging or even controversial. Exploring this partnership through a woman’s eyes I think gives readers a new perspective on the traditional argument.

5. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?

There are challenges with any story, but this one had a new one for me. I chose to widen the depths of my characters. Doing so, I had to think through the male perspectives on sex in a new way. What does a father exactly go through? Also, I fought with just how soon my characters would reveal their identities and how. What would be believable to readers really took some time and debate to decide. Outside of that, the story was actually quite fun to write.

6. How do you feel the cover highlights your story?

This cover captures the elegance I feel my story tries to convey. The girl on the cover seems enticing, though not in an overwhelming way. Plus, I love the purple and blue tones used in the title text. In a way, I see it as a blending of the father daughter character. Overall, I’d say the cover captures the essence of this story. There’s just a bit of mystery hidden behind the girl’s mask.

7. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.

I find the moment where the daughter finds out she’s about to sleep with her father quite interesting. Readers will find this scene doesn’t go the typical route. The daughter feels tricked, doubting her father’s motives completely. While the scene seems surprising, I think the dynamics of the situation is more realistic in a fun way, especially compared to what readers are accustomed to.

8. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?

My favorite scene in the book happens to be the father dressing for the masquerade dance. Again, it has to do with the inspiration behind it. The father’s outfit isn’t the typical masquerade outfit, and he soon finds that out! I always found the father’s character had a little bit of mystery that became highly apparent once he put the mask on. The scene is a personal favorite, but one I’m quite fond of.

9. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?

Writing for this genre, I’m always surprised by the limitless possibilities to explore. This story, like so many others, captures why I love writing incest erotica. People tend to think of incest as a dirty depraved genre. I’ve never found that to be the case with my writing. There’s romance, relationships, and the overwhelming sense of love. I really do enjoy continually pushing the boundaries of social taboos in the minds of readers today.


About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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