Masked Secrets

“Do you not even wish to look at your servant girl now?”

Masked Secrets, by Lily WeidnerDescription 

Invited to one of many kink parties Dante has finally brought along his lovingly submissive girlfriend. What Dante didn’t tell Sherry however, is she’s going to be the men’s entertainment. Finding herself the only female in a room with eight men, Sherry knows somethings up. With a no limits atmosphere to their festivities, what sexual depravity will Sherry find herself subjected to?


Sherry yanked down her skirt worried about revealing too much of what lay beneath. Much to Sherry’s dismay her Master’s hand soon stopped her actions. “What are you doing girl?” Looking down at Dante’s hand playing with the edge of her dress Sherry felt her face begin to flush. “I-I just wished to pull down my skirt. It’s riding up.” Dante took a quick glance around the room noticeably understanding his companion’s embarrassment. Having found the desperate girl early in her life, Dante had since then groomed her to be his submissive. While Dante preferred the term slave girl the title brought too many negative connotations in public. Within his select group of likeminded friends however, Dante could do as he wished with Sherry.

With little time to enjoy their shared passions, Dante had eagerly accepted the invitation of another discreet kink party. Living a rather withdrawn lifestyle, Sherry had never been exposed to such an atmosphere. Dante’s determination to expose the young girl grew out of his deep seeded sexual desire for dominance and control. Each party consisted solely of the group’s male members who were in turn treated to the pleasures of a female servant. Dante soon became a frequent visitor to these kink parties, all while training Sherry. In a way, such a situation caused Sherry’s desperation to be found pleasing in Dante’s eyes. The more Dante frequented these parties, the more devoted his personal slave became. Having been impressed by Sherry’s willingness to submit Dante decided it best to reward the girl.

Looking around at the various guests, Dante returned his attentions back to Sherry. “Are you bothered, girl?” Shaking her head, Sherry soon found a better response to her Master’s question. “No, Master. I-I’m just just nervous around so many people.” Sherry’s soft voice seemed to draw the attentions of every man within the room. The delicate way in which she formed the proper words of respect combined with their revealing honesty caused Sherry to appear instantly submissive. In a room filled with eight dominate men Sherry’s attracted interest resulted in her deeper unease. “My young girl, do you realize you’re amongst friends? Amongst men who altogether know what kind of desires you keep buried under your innocent exterior?”

Dante’s words held Sherry’s attention even though she continued looking at the floor. Sherry couldn’t have born to meet each man’s gaze. The truth of Dante’s statement hit Sherry’s core, as she knew the desires that so encompassed her being were more than they appeared. Deep within her a need to please and serve far outweighed any sense of propriety or self-respect. “Master, I don’t know these men.” Sherry heard a couple of the men laugh at her response filling Sherry with an unknown sense of curiosity and dread. “Do you think these men want to know you? No, these men want to enjoy your young charms. The same charms you keep buried beneath the thin fabric of your ridiculous dress.” Finding her Master’s words cruel Sherry stood up able to look the men around her suddenly in the face.

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About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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