Mistress of the Master

“Come on slut. Work for it. You want my cock don’t you?”

Mistress of the Master - Cover (300 DPI)Description

Submissive Elizabeth is proudly involved in an incestuous relationship with her uncle. Natural sex slave Elizabeth defines everything her Aunt Sophia hates. With Elizabeth’s lust for a lesbian romance, and her Master’s sadistic desire for control, her Master uses her to trap Sophia into reluctant involvement in a kinky threesome. What other depraved acts will Elizabeth do at her Master’s command?


“You’re pussy is so tight sweetie. Can you even handle how I want to fuck you? Elizabeth’s a good slut for me. Are you sure you don’t want a man to dominate you?” Sophia’s pride kept her from letting her husband dominate her.

Elizabeth felt her leash being tugged, and looked up at her master. “Suck her juices off my cock. Taste her nice pussy.” Elizabeth got on her hands and knees, and slowly began to lick at her master’s cock. She could certainly taste Sophia’s pussy juice on his cock, and this excited her all the more. “Mmm, her pussy tastes so good on your cock.”

Her master grabbed her hair, and then ran the head of his cock across her lips. “Why don’t you show Sophia what a good submissive looks like. Gag yourself on my cock.”

Elizabeth felt her own sense of pride, and tried to gag herself on his cock. His grip on her hair tightened, and he made her unable to reach his cock. Still she tried, even when he pulled her roughly.

“Come on slut. Work for it. You want my cock don’t you?”

Elizabeth pulled at his restraint, until it caused her to constantly whimper. Her master hearing her whimpers shoved his cock deep into her mouth. It didn’t take much for Elizabeth to gag on his cock, especially when it was so deep down her throat.

Gagging on his cock, Elizabeth felt tears in her eyes. They ran down her cheeks, and her master began fucking her mouth.

Sophia seemed hurt by this, and her husband looked over at her.

“You see what you could be doing? My slut niece takes my cock exactly how I want her to.”

Elizabeth felt her master slide his cock out of her mouth, and then look back at her. “Switch places with Sophia. She must learn what a good slut looks like.”

image-1-zipper-horizontalAvailable at Lot’s Cave.

About Lily Weidner

An author with an interest in all things taboo, Lily Weidner combines both personal experience and unique interests to write her erotic stories. Captivated by her work, she enjoys writing stories that explore and challenge the depths of human nature.
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